20 June 2006


Death can ruin your day, but for some unlucky cadavers, the fun has just begun.

Goin’ Post Mortal: Never piss off a hearse driver. That’s what the city council of Nakuru, Kenya, learned on February 16, 2000, when Simon Munyiri Muriithi gathered some friends together to protest unfair treatment. The friends just happened to be maggot infested corpses, whom Muriithi drove up to city hall until the stench made the mayor and his aides retch.

English Toast: A rugby fan traveled to Scotland with his 77 year old father-in-law to catch a match this May, only to have the old geezer kick shortly after the game. Not one to miss the drunken bus ride back to England, this clever chap dressed the stiff and dragged him along. Amazingly, the blotto Brits didn’t notice the stinking corpse the aroma must have been masked by the stench of their rotting teeth.

Mannequin IV: In the Ground: In 1996, Connecticut resident Kimberley Kitrinos, victim of a hit and run, crawled outside of a charity haunted house before keeling over. Trick or treaters marveled at the spooky realism of the décor as they marched past her to collect candy. Even after her body was discovered and removed, the event went on as scheduled.

Mother’s Little Helper: In 1999, a nine year old Tennessee boy lived with his mother’s corpse for a full month because he was afraid of being taken into foster care. The boy fixed his own meals, cut his own hair, and didn’t miss a day of school while his dead mother lay like a bear rug in the living room. Police finally caught on, boxed her up, and sent Junior to live with his grandparents.


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