08 May 2006

Sticky Fingers!

Worried about germs? Don’t touch that dial (or phone, or copy machine)!

Think about all the items you touch every single day, pay phones, tabletops, restaurant silverware. Now, bearing in mind how bad your own hygiene is, think about all the people who touched them before you did. According to a recent University of Arizona study, humans touch as many as 600 surfaces an hour and spread saliva, snot, piss, and blood (among other things) all over the place. Here are the stickiest of the sticky spots, ranked according to how many the study found to be contaminated by bodily fluids.

Rails and armrests in public buses 35%
Bank countertops 29%
Park Benches 29%
Gym equipment 28%
Movie theater seats 26%
Public bathroom surfaces 25%
Shopping cart handles 21%
Escalator handrails 19%
Customer shared pens 16%
Vending machine buttons 14%
Restaurant tables and silverware 14%
Swimming pools 14%
Public telephones 13%
Office copy machines buttons 11%
Elevator buttons 10%
Doctors’ offices 10%


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