19 May 2006

Signs To Tell She Wants You

Only in your dreams do unfamiliar babes at parties hold up signs urging you to “Come and get it!” In the waking world, you have to decipher more subtle, unconscious signals, according to (ret)Col Allan Pease’s "Guide To Signals For PVT's"

If She tosses her head…
…or lets her hair fall onto her face and peers out from under her cage o’ locks, holding your gaze, you’re in.

If She exposes her wrists…
…it’s a subtle come on. (The bondage imagery won’t be lost on the discriminating male.)

If She spreads her legs…
…or strikes a wide legged stance, she’s either hot for your bones or has a serious thong-wedgie situation.

If She thrusts her foot…
…or moves her tootsies in and out of her shoe, it’s more classic nookie symbolism. (Don’t ask her if she’s got bunions.)

If She flashes her neck…
…it’s a come hither sign of passivity. (If she flashes her breasts, you’re either at Mardi Gras or your alarm clock is about to go off.)

If She fondles cylindrical objects…
…or starts running her fingers up and down the stem of her wineglass, she’s well, what do you think?

One final note: The finger still means go away.


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this is funny. you are funny. good to bump into your site for some laugh


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