10 May 2006

Really Gross Anatomy

Instead of the lies I usually print, here are some actual facts and figures on the human body.

The Brain
The energy coursing through your brain is equivalent to the power needed to run a 650 watt microwave.

The Eyes
By age 60, our eyes have been exposed to the amount of light energy produced by a nuclear blast.

The Nose
Every day, your nose cleans, warms, and humidifies a volume of more than 500 cubic feet of air.

The Lungs
Smokers with a pack a day habit don’t just ingest nicotine; they also consume about a half cup of tar a year.

The Heart
In a 70 year lifetime, your heart pumps more than 46,000,000 gallons of blood through your veins.

The Skin
70 percent of the dust in your home is dead human skin. In your life that dust will add up to 85 pounds.

The Nipples
About 1 to 2 percent of the population has an extra nipple (usually located beneath an arm). Got milk?

The, er, Milky Way
There are as many neurons in your brain as there are stars in the galaxy. At least there were before college.


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