17 May 2006


The skinny:
Many centuries ago, a wise man introduced hops and barley to the fermentation process. Soon after this carbonated, golden hued liquid was imbibed, the first beer goggle was invented making it easier for fat, ugly men to get laid.

If you liked this beverage, you’d like:
Vodka; gin; cirrhosis; yelling, “Woooooo yeahhhhhhh!” arguing with friends, then making up with friends, then hugging friends, then making out with friend’s girlfriends.

Did I drink this?
Fuck you and your twin!

What does Skip think?
Beer has bubbles! Bubbles tickle my gaping gullet.

Best post-beering activity:
Blowing Bud mud.

Best microbrews you don’t know about:
Olympian’s Sasquatch Summer Ale, San Francisco’s Hair of the Fog, Chewy’s Star Wars Bar Scene Beer.

Porno title:
Where the Keg Don’t Shine.

True facts:
According to commercials, beer makes you sexy, smart and hip!

Tantalizing tidbits:
I love you, man. You’re the best. Man, you are…My mouth tastes like puke!


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