16 March 2006

Vomit, Hurl, Boot…

Additional terms for the Technicolor yawn.

1 Air one’s belly: Seeing his 65 year old parents engaged in vigorous anal sex filled Dennis with an urge to air his belly.

2 Laugh at the carpet: And Elvis laughed at the carpet, and then he died.

3 Reverse gears: I knew Lt. Schwartz was a Nam greenhorn when he reversed gears after Avelar got his face blown off.

4 Revisit Wendy’s: That salad bar crap had me revisiting Wendy’s all night long.

5 Park a custard: “You can park a custard all over me, big boy,” said the prostitute who specialized in weird fetishes.

6 Talk on the big white phone: “All Mommy does now is drink gin and talk on the big white phone all day long,” confided young Billy to his imaginary friend.

7 Toss one’s cookies: “Mrs. Weston,” whined Bryan, “Justin is tossing his cookies at me again!”


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