31 March 2006

Be A Cunning Linguist

When describing this act, you don’t want to be tongue tied

1 Yodel down the valley: Gunter was too tired to talk, having spent most of the day yodeling down the valley.

2 Dine at the Y: Despite the dinners men bought her, Jen preferred to dine at the Y.

3 Go pearl fishing: Gorton refused to go pearl fishing, saying he’d never liked oysters.

4 Eat mutton: “He accidentally bit his tongue while eating mutton,” Gwen told the surgeon as blood poured from Jim’s mouth.

5 Talk to the canoe driver: “I wanted to explore Venice,” Jarrod said forlornly, “but I spent most of the trip just talking to the canoe driver.”

6 Sneeze in the basket: “I didn’t mind that he was a midget,” said Mrs. Kersten, “because he could sneeze in the basket without bending down.”

7 Munch carpet: Amy’s dog wasn’t housebroken, but he sure could munch carpet.


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