09 February 2006

You Can Call Me Alkie

Breathalyzer kit prevents DUI and makes a great drinking game.

You knocked back a few, but you’re pretty sure you’re OK to drive. Chances are the highway patrolman won’t share your optimism. That’s where the Alcohol Breath Test comes in. Available at drugstores nationwide, these little tubes let you know before you go if you can legally operate a motor vehicle. The test is for people who want to see if they’re over the legal limit. For all its practicality, the Alcohol Breath Test is more fun than a rousing game of quarters. Just rinse your mouth, exhale into the plastic bag, attach the plastic tube to the bag, and squeeze the air into the tube. If the crystals turn green past the red line, not only do you have a festive Christmas ornament, but you’re also legally wrecked. The joke is that if you can figure out the directions, you’re probably OK to drive.


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