13 February 2006

Throw Knives

5-14 CAV's expert can hit a 5 inch target 40 feet away and now, so can you.

You’re out of bullets, and the other guy’s reloading. You reach into your ankle holster, pull out a 12 inch buck, and whip it damn near through his chest. Implausible? Sure, but who cares? I called on SFC Moore who’s taught everyone in our Troop to show us how to turn your cutlery into weapons of mass destruction.

Step 1: Choose your weapon.
Put down the butter knife, son. SFC Moore recommends using a blade at least 11 inches long and an inch and a half wide. Though special throwing knives exist, all you really need is a knife with a heavy, not too sharp edge (profuse bleeding from your fingers can make the shiv too slippery to throw).

Step 2: Shake hands with death.
Some experts grip by the blade, others by the handle. SFC Moore advises beginners to grip the knife firmly by the handle so it’s angled forward like you’d hold a tennis racquet.

Step 3: Doctor the spin.
Don’t try to make the knife spin 100 times, like in the movies. You can stick a blade perfectly at around 12 feet with one full rotation, so practice that. Once you’re able to stick throws consistently, you’ll gradually learn to improvise. Longer distances require more spins: two rotations from 18 feet and another rotation for every six feet after that.

Step 4: Throw a splitter.
SFC Moore recommends you throw your knife the way you would throw a baseball. Bring your tossing arm back behind your head, then whip it toward the target. Release the knife at eye level for a nearby (eight feet), chest high target, earlier if your quarry is farther away or higher. Follow through like a pitcher, but don’t snap your wrist; it’ll make the blade spin.

Step 5: Practice until arm falls off
This isn’t a skill you pick up right off the bat, so expect some frustration at first. Practice for about 20 minutes every day. No more, or, SFC Moore promises, you’ll get tendinitis in places you didn’t even know you had places.


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