08 January 2006

Where Are You Magnum?

It's been a productive week. We finally got our furniture into our house. It's been "lost at sea" for 3 months since Bragg. No idea why it took so long.

My son is finally potty trained. Well, he is almost there. My little girl starts Judo lessons on Tuesday. I'm so excited for her. Some parents can't wait for there little girls to do pagents, I can't wait for mine to learn to kick some ass.

I got an email from my old Platoon Sergeant back at Bragg, they finally got my PCS award. Its' only been since October when I left. I guess better late than never.

That's about it. Just been staying busy keeping the wife happy, lifting and doing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, counting down the days now for my son to start Judo(2 1/2 more years), then move on to Jiu-Jitsu.

Hopefully soon while out cruising on Kam HWY I'll run into Magnum!


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