25 January 2006

Spider Wrestling

Two arachnids enter; one arachnid leaves.

Ever wonder what kids do for fun in other countries, at least in other countries where assault rifles aren’t cheap and plentiful? B Troop Medic SPC. Panthohan, originally from the Philippines stated as kids, they would get a couple of big, hairy spiders, put ‘em each on a stick, and make the poor suckers fight to the death, or until one had completely wrapped the other in a silky cocoon. Panthohan stated that they usually housed their best contestants in matchboxes, and a champion can fetch 100 pesos, or $2.40.

Children find many of their spiders in trees, but some claim that areas beneath power lines are the happiest hunting ground, SPC. Panthohan said. In some provinces, spider wrestling had become such a problem that kids would spend hours hunting for good “gladiators” at dawn and dusk, often playing hooky or coming to class late, that at least one school superintendent had banned it outright. I'm betting he changed his mind after he woke up with a severed tarantula head in his bed.

Coming in a few days: Quebec’s turtle hockey, Manhattan’s roach steeplechase, and Dubuque, Iowa’s guinea pig exercise ball demolition derby!


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