15 October 2005

This Day In History

1965 First draft card burned

In a demonstration staged by the student-run National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam, the first public burning of a draft card in the United States takes place.
These demonstrations drew 100,000 people in 40 cities across the country. In New York, David Miller, a young Catholic pacifist, became the first U.S. war protestor to burn his draft card in direct violation of a recently passed law forbidding such acts. Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation later arrested him; he was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to two years imprisonment

I Should Really Get Around To Reporting My Wife Missing

Story By BSS

The Monday Tori disappeared, everything seemed normal—folded laundry in my drawers, clean dishes in the drying rack, and the living-room carpet freshly vacuumed. When dinnertime came and went, I began to wonder about her whereabouts, but it was only the next morning, roughly around breakfast, that I began to think something terrible might have happened.
I know from watching Law & Order that you're supposed to wait 72 hours before reporting a possible abduction, so when I got home from work Tuesday and there was no Tori, I assured myself she was just running late with some errand, and I tried to relax in front of the TV for a bit to take my mind off things. Well, I almost did too good a job, because the next thing I knew, I was at work at 0600 doing PT and screaming at my soldiers soldiers for not wiping there asses properly, and it was Thursday—or about 68 hours since the mysterious disappearance of my wife.
That afternoon, I had every intention of walking through that door, marching straight to the phone, calling the MPs, and telling them that, "My wife disappeared Monday evening, leaving the contents of her purse all about the driveway, and I have neither seen nor heard from her for 72 hours." But then the kids wanted their dinner, and before I knew it, another day had gone by and I hadn't filed that darned report.
Hey, it's not like Tori won't still be missing in the morning.
Anyway, on Friday, I meant to do that missing-persons report along with thawing out my chicken wings for me to eat while watching the ball games on Saturday, and I would have, but I didn't factor in all the miserable traffic. Geez, when are they finally going to finish the security gates on All America FWY? I mean, it's been over a year now! Do they even do anything out there, or are they just hanging out in hard hats?
I jotted down a reminder to myself on the fridge, where Tori used to make the grocery list. But did I ever look at it? No. I swear, it's like I need to make a list to remind myself to look at my list!
I had finally settled on taking care of this whole reporting-my-wife-missing thing on Saturday. I set the alarm for 0600 so I could get a jump start on the day, but I guess I must have hit the snooze button a few times, because when I finally rolled out of bed, it was nearly noon! And the afternoon wasn't any better. While rummaging through the closets trying to find a recent photo of Tori to bring to the MP station, I discovered the picture on the TV went. NO NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL!!! And that's not the type of thing you can just sit on.
So, there's another Saturday afternoon blown. Sadly, that happens all too often.
In a way, it's a good thing my wife's not around, because, boy, would I be hearing it right about now.
And I don't need anyone giving me a hard time about this. I get enough of that already. The second the kids come in from school, it's one demand after another. "Where's Mommy?" "I want Mommy!" "We're hungry!" "Please, Daddy, please! Call the police about Mommy!"
It's just been one of those weeks. Two of my best soldiers just left, so I've got to pick up there slack, and on top of all that, I've been handed the duty of being in charge of "fat boy" PT. Do I know anything about PT? No! Being fat? Yes!
God, if anything were to happen to her, I don't know what I'd do. This is just the type of thing she usually handles.

14 October 2005

This Day In History

The Cuban Missile Crisis begins on 14 October 1962, bringing the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear conflict. Photographs taken by a high-altitude U-2 spy plane offered incontrovertible evidence that Soviet-made medium-range missiles in Cuba--capable of carrying nuclear warheads--were now stationed 90 miles off the American coastline.
Tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union over Cuba had been steadily increasing since the failed April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, in which Cuban refugees, armed and trained by the United States, landed in Cuba and attempted to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. Though the invasion did not succeed, Castro was convinced that the United States would try again, and set out to get more military assistance from the Soviet Union. During the next year, the number of Soviet advisors in Cuba rose to more than 20,000. Rumors began that Russia was also moving missiles and strategic bombers onto the island.
Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev may have decided to so dramatically up the stakes in the Cold War for several reasons. He may have believed that the United States was indeed going to invade Cuba and provided the weapons as a deterrent. Facing criticism at home from more hard-line members of the Soviet communist hierarchy, he may have thought a tough stand might win him support. Khrushchev also had always resented that U.S. nuclear missiles were stationed near the Soviet Union (in Turkey, for example), and putting missiles in Cuba might have been his way of redressing the imbalance.
Two days after the pictures were taken, after being developed and analyzed by intelligence officers, they were presented to President Kennedy. During the next two weeks, the United States and the Soviet Union would come as close to nuclear war as they ever had, and a fearful world awaited the outcome.

First Blog

I’ve finally delved into the world of Blogging. It was just a couple of weeks ago I was asking my wife what the hell is Blogging? She told me it was like an online journal. We’ll I looked into some and I read the other weeks Time Magazine article and I decided to give it a try. It will probably last a week or so of me doing this. I have a shit load on my plate at this time. Currently I’m a medic in the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg, the Home of the Airborne and Special Operations, I have a beautiful wife Tori, and 2 wonderful children a 6 year old daughter Sammie and a 2 year old son Aidan. I also take 2 courses in the evening going toward my Nursing degree and I am also preparing to PCS to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii to the 25th ID. Also at this moment in time while I am writing this I just got off of CQ duty which is a 24 hour shift and I have to go back and lead afternoon PT to those soldiers that can’t pass there PT or tape test. But who am I to complain, at least I’m not getting shot at and bombs aren’t going off around me. It could be a lot worse. So maybe I should just shut up at this present time. We’ll anyways I’m not really sure who is going to read this thing. I’m not even sure if I want my wife to read it. I don’t want to be critiqued by her and for some reason just nervous on what she will say. I’m just rambling now so that is my cue to sign off. As time goes on I’m sure I’ll be writing about more interesting topics such as how to stop Global Warming or Nuclear Disarmament , yeah right!!! OUT
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