15 December 2005

Water Cooler Talk

Virtually every profession has its own terminology: In politics, for example, “suckers” is a friendly euphemism for “voters.” Here’s a sampling.

DILDO - A hot-dog-shaped handle for deploying the main parachute
People Processor - An airplane propellor
Frappe - Hit the ground at high speed because of lack of a deceleration device, such as a parachute

Flight Attendants
Cockpit Queen - A flight attendant who spends a lot of time socializing with the pilots Hockey Pucks The small sandwiches served to passengers
Miracle Flight - When a passenger boards the plane in a wheelchair (thus going on board before the other passengers), but walks off the plane with everyone else on arrival
Roach Coach - A cheap charter flight

Medical Workers
Bobbing for Apples - Unblocking a badly constipated patient with one’s finger
Code Yellow - When a catheter breaks and the patient is covered in urine
Gork - A patient who is severely mentally impaired, comatose, or possibly brain-dead
Loose Change - A nearly severed limb that will require amputation

Garbage Collectors
Mungo - Discarded items good enough for a garbageman to cull and keep
Toss the Salad - To throw garbage into the truck; also, to mechanically churn and compact the garbage
Motorized Rice - Maggots


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