09 December 2005

Home Sweet Home

The day has finally come, made it to Hawaii and have settled into our "beautiful" home. The flight over here went well and the kids behaved themselves. The family and I settled into temporary lodging as we put our name on the wait list for housing. I was told 60 days, well to my surprise we got housing in 9 days. I looked over the house and had to accept it, becuase if we didn't we would be put down on bottom of wait list and lose our tla. Well the house is pure shit. It's only about 20 years old and by the look of the post we got lucky with this house. The very first night in it our refrigerator broke down, the next day the upstairs toilet broke, then the upstairs sink, then the doorbell, then the downstairs sink, then the downstairs toilet, then the bugs came into effect all within a matter of 10 days living there. If this was off post quarters the Army would've pulled us out of there. But with the privatization hell no, we still pay the full bah ammount as someone who received a new house. That's another topic to hit on. I was told there was no way in hell I would be able to get a new house as the wait list was too long, well the very next day after I got my house a buddy of mine and his family got a brand new house. I was pissed. I can live and adapt pretty much anywhere, but with my wife and kids at hand it sent me and my wife off the hook. The situation just was not fair. At Ft. Bragg you could pick the community you wanted to live and wait till it became available, we waited 6 months for our home there, but not here. Butwe are making due and "upgrading" our "beautiful" home with paint, flowers and just some good tlc.

25th Reception was a joke. The NCO's there thought they were Drill Sergeants to the young soldiers just out of AIT. What should take only 2 days to in-process, I was there for 16 days. The final day they seperated us into the different Brigades we were assigned to, only for me not to have my name called off. That really pissed me of after wiating 16 days and 3 hours information not to be called. Well, they threw me in with a brand new Stryker unit just activated about 30 days prior. I was like cool shit, a new high speed unit to go to, learn and do new stuff. Well, there isn't any equipment at all at this unit, they coldn't even supply us with the unit crest, lol. After, a week, lol, inprocessing with the unit, it should only take 5 minutes, I have come to find out there are no more slots for E-5's there. This whoe process has been one big cluster fuck after another. This is a Division going into battle some this summer/fall. I do understand though that shit does happen and this time it has happend to me, so I just deal with it, drink some water and drive on.

Now about this wonderful island of Oahu, it is simply awesome. We go shopping every weekend and to the beach. The kids are having a blast. My little girl is a bit homesick, but she loves her new school and of course loves the beach. My son, is really happy wherever he is, but everytime he sees water he wants to run in it. And of course when he sees a pretty lady on the beach he has to say "hubba hubba". Just like his old man. The jiu jitsu schools over here are the best I have ever been around. Im constantly getting my ass kicked, its fun though and a great workout.

The wife and I would love to settle down here after I retire, but it all depends on the cash, cause its so damn expensive over here. A single family home runs about $600,000. We will see though through time and we are going to enjoy our time here for the next three years while we are here. We have just begun!


Blogger Sean from DocintheBox said...

Enjoy your stay out there, Oahu kicks butt, my wife has been hinting that she wants me to get orders out there.


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