15 November 2005

There's no denying that President Bush seems to be in a slump. Polls aside, because looking at the way these polls were taken you will see that they are a little weighted with Democrats and so-called Independents, anyways, I still wish the numbers were better.

Yet after getting nothing but bad press since the beginning of the year by a more than compliant press, I'm surprised they haven't lynched him yet!

But beginning last Friday, on Veteran's Day, the President began to hit back and hit with vengence. It's about time. Some media types think it's too little too late. Maybe, but we've got three years left, plenty time to get things going again.

For too long this administration didn't fight back, with the liberal left thowing out every conceivable crazy theory with no chalenge by the administration. Honestly, I have been getting a little frustrated.

Every President that has had a second term has had a slump. Some, like the last one had a lot more than a slump!

In any case, everyone of them rebounded, and now that Bush is fighting back, not with rhetoric, but with the truth. When you hit these liberals with the truth they either resort to calling you a neoconservative or blowing a gasket like Howard Dean does on every occasion he opens his mouth.

So team Bush was in a little downward spiral, but it has begun to pass as shown on Veterans Day and a couple more over the weekend and last night was another great night.

Team Bush is on the rise again!


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