06 November 2005

Saturday Night

The wife and I had company at the movies this weekend with my big sis and brother-in-law. I had a good time and after 30 years this was the first time I actually went out with my sister and hung out. We have never been that close and it's sad. But, it was a good good-bye treat before my family and I head off for Hawaii in a week. Below is my review of this gret flick Jarhead.

Jarhead is unlike any war movie you've ever seen. The entire film is devoted to a bunch of guys who just want to get into combat and who drive around in the desert for months, just waiting to shoot their load. As a result, it's a fascinating, deeply personal, often sarcastically funny view of life on the front lines where the battle is actually put on the back burner. (If this were a baseball picture, it would be about the bullpen.) British director Sam Mendes challenges our very view of what combat is and shows a side of it rarely seen on the movie screen. It’s based on the memoirs of Anthony Swofford, a marine caught up in Desert Storm—but instead of the fight, Jarhead chooses to focus on the fighter. Forgoing politics, the movie tells the story from the point-of-view of the poor grunt whose only taste of war comes from watching movies like Apocalypse Now in the barracks. It may be the most political apolitical film ever made. Leading an awesome cast, Jake Gyllenhaal as Swofford, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jamie Foxx are simply superb—and so is Jarhead. It’s a can’t miss movie!


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