03 November 2005

The Islamic Plague?

When will the mainstream media ever report the facts? When will it state that the pillaging taking place for the last week in the Muslim population is primarily committing the suburbs of Paris? This is important news in light of many other world events. But I'm not too surprised the mainstream media is not reporting it.

I just spent some time looking over some articles that came up on some Search Engines and typed in "paris riots" and found many articles, but almost nothing indicating that mostly Muslims are doing the violence. Even when it is stated, it is done in the nicest way possible, and usually in an attempt to make you feel sorry the rioters.

Here's a great example from CNN.com yesterday
"Suburbs that ring France's big cities, home to immigrant communities often from Muslim North Africa, suffer soaring unemployment and discrimination. Disenchantment and anger thrive in the tall cinderblock towers and long "bars" that make up the projects."

What in the name of Allah! Am I missing something? Aren't these the people (or their families) who came to France to free themselves of it's culture, governments, and social services? And since when is disappointment an excuse for violence?

Most importantly, since when did it become inappropriate to call things by their proper name? There is a violent MUSLIM uprising-taking place in France. It is a situation of their own making, intimately related to world wide Islamic violence. Yet it seems everywhere we turn, newspapers and other media tell us it is because they are "disenfranchised," or that they are reacting to "American foreign policy," or "Israeli aggression."

Those who fail to see and name evil are doomed to be taken over by it. The riots in France are irrefutably Muslim riots. When will we name them and the Islamic plague that is facing the world today?


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