10 November 2005

"Death to Al-Zarqawi"

An item of interested after a deadly attack on its city of Annan, local Jordanians have been seen taking to the streets and chanting "Death to Al-Zarqawi" "Burn in Hell Al-Zarqawi!". The attack claimed the lives of 56 people and injured almost 100. It only killed one American, in attack by Al-Queda. By now you all know that the attack was planned at 3 US-based run hotels in order to kill the infedels, or us.

What is interesting is this anger and surge in national pride by the Jordanians against the Islamic hate group that is Al-Queda. From a international stand point it has been very hard to get the support of more than just Muslim leaders of state, but support and trust of the people of Islam.

Now we have in a backlash against Al-Queda. Is average Muslims ready to fight and kill those who wish to free them from the oppression of the great Satan? Could Al-Queda have at last blew up more than their own? But their whole war?
Could today's protest in Jordan be a sign of extremism's end in the Middle East? Likely not but it does seem to signal a certain fatigue over its neverending war against the people of the region.

How many simultaneous conflicts can one geographic area sustain? If you ask Al-Qaeda, the answer is, as many as possible. But the truth is that over time the majority of people, if given the chance, will renounce terror.

Its only power is in not allowing its own people the ability to live in a truly free and democratic society. As we have seen in most of the Middle East, however, stability is stability...even if means tolerating a dictator.


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