01 November 2005

Alito, Alito, Alito

Alito, Alito, Alito, I can finally scream we have what we ought to have had all along!

We aren't being told that the candidate will be a good candidate because the President thinks so or because the candidate goes to the right church every Sunday, or because he comes from the right geographical location or because he's one of the best "white" male lawyers in New Jersey. We have fifteen years worth of opinions where we and the Senators and everybody else in the world can go look not just at the conclusions he has drawn, but at the reasoning process by which he has arrived at those conclusions. There's no guessing here, and no taking somebody else's word for it that the guy is a good lifetime appointment. We can know exactly what the nominee thinks is a judge's role in the face of the law, and we can look back and see exactly how consistently he applies his principles even when those principles lead to conclusions distasteful to his own political agenda. This is what I want to see in every Supreme Court nomination.

Now, having read enough of Alito's opinions (thanks to the internet) to be reasonably comfortable that he shapes his decisions to fit the law rather than looking out for his own personal agenda, and that he seems to reason very carefully and rationally, and I'm going to go and email my state Senators and ask them to confirm this man.


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