16 October 2005

This Day In History

1931 Scarface meets his match

After a long run as the crime kingpin of Chicago's underworld, Al Capone finally landed in jail on October 17, 1931. Capone was ultimately sent away for tax evasion, a relatively minor offense for a man who oversaw an elaborate liquor bootlegging network, extensive prostitution rings, and various gambling operations. For many years, crime did pay for Capone. By 1927, he had hauled in an impressive--and tax-free--fortune worth over $100 million. Of course, with his penchant for maiming and killing the competition, Capone was just a bit more dangerous than the average entrepreneur. However, usual strong-arm tactics couldn't help him bully past the IRS. Capone was sentenced to an eleven-year prison term and was forced to pay $80,000 in fines and court fees.


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