20 October 2005

Get Your Hurricane Relief Kits Ready For Wilma

"Uh-Oh! Grab all the beer! And if there's time, the family photo albums."

Yesterday Wilma became the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Since then the pressure has risen slightly and the winds have diminished from 175 mph to 145 mph. However, Wilma remains an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane. Wilma is still forecast to cross Florida but it might possibly clip the Yucatan Peninsula first. Some evacuations have already begun in the Florida Keys. After Florida the storm is also a possible New England threat.

One thought for the toilet is the Invasion theory: You have to start to wonder if there is any truth to this show on TV called Invasion. A hurricane hits Florida and it's used as a cover up for Alien visitors. Here comes Wilma, a major hurricane aimed right at the everglades just like in the show.


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