16 October 2005

The Domino Effect

Had a pretty good weekend here in good ole' North Carolina. Went and visited my mom, she was a saint and watched my children as my wife and I went out on our annual date to the movies. We went and saw Domino, not a bad flick despite the bad reviews. It has everything a man wants in a film, guns, blood, sex and lots of filthy language(even my wife enjoyed the film due to it had a humor to it) after the movie went out for a few drinks with my bud Mike and listened to a very shitty band. They were so awful I swear my ears were bleeding. This morning I went and visited my father's grave site. It's the second time I'd been there since he passed away on 20 August 2005. It's hard as hell going there... I'm not going to sound off on how I feel about him other than he was a great husband and father. It hurts too much thinking about it. OUT!!!


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